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27 Feb 2023 New Energy Announcement

"We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Machinery"

New Energy CV Corp. is leading the way to make construction more sustainable by rolling out all-electric versions of traditional construction vehicles. While hybrid construction machines have been available for years, New Energy is innovating the market with these all-electric models of excavators, loaders, dump trucks and other heavy machinery that will be available worldwide. As the push for sustainable construction practices intensifies in the coming years due to regulatory and ESG requirements, heavy electric machinery is poised to join the ranks of electric cars and public transportation as being synonymous with leading eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuel powered vehicles that help deliver lower cost and lower emissions to its customers. 



Build a better tomorrow with our all-electric industrial vehicles. Our products provide all the energy conscience benefits of an all-electric vehicle without having to sacrifice the power of traditional heavy-emission diesel industrial vehicles. These lithium powered vehicles boast long operation times and lasting performance power with the added benefits of zero operating emissions, less noise pollution, and easy maintenance.  Explore the many opportunities and advantages with electric power.

Electric Industrial Vehicles

We work alongside manufacturers in the industry, striving for the highest quality machinery for all of our customers. We promise quality and will not accept anything below the highest standard.

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